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Children's Cloaks and Capes

The Kids LOVE these cloaks!!  One friend of mine had a hard time getting her daughter to take the cloak off.   She wanted to wear it everywhere, even around the house!  I was out shopping one day, wearing my Kingdom Cloak, when a young girl spotted me.  She stopped in her tracks. . . slowly approached me, a look of wonder on her face;  she walked in a circle around me, to get a view from every angle, and then called to her Mom, "Mommmmmmm, I want one of these!!!!

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Hobbit Cloak
In Fleece

Hobbit Cloak

Hobbit Cloak
In Wool



I just wanted you to know that the green child's (Kingdom) cloak we ordered is 
fantastic! It is perfect. My son Eli loves it and wears it around 
everywhere. I think it will get a lot of use although we just thought 
it was for his Halloween costume. Thank you!!  Helen (Los Angeles, CA)

Kingdom Cloak

Kingdom Cloak

Allie's Cloak

Just wanted to let you know that we received the cloak..... and we absolutely LOVE it!!
It is of such great quality; it's perfect!   She is going to love it.
Thank you so much!   ~ Terry

Wonderland Cloak

Cecily's Dream Cloak

Boys and Girl's
Shire Cloaks

I LOVE the cloaks! You do beautiful work!
 I cannot wait to see the 
girls with the cloaks on...
 I will be certain to ask
 if I might pass 
along some photos to you...

I am so pleased with these gifts. Sincerely,

The girls received their cloaks Thursday. Both are very pretty. I like the
quilted look of Llewelyns' and the fur lined hood really makes the cloak majestic looking.
They both look very lovely in them.  Mayrhi wore hers to school and it was
17 below that day.  She kept warm.  :) Thank you,

  Josephine fell in love with it!!!  They sent me a picture and she looks absolutely adorable.  I bet she’ll have the best-looking cloak on the float!!!!!   Her words were, “Oh thank you, Grandma.  It’s so pretty.  I can’t wait to wear it.  I feel like a princess.”


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