Seven Streams Cymbrogi
 Norwegian Forest Cats Sales Contract & Health Agreement

~Kitten/Cat must be paid in full two weeks before final adoption and delivery to new home.

 Kittens will be assessed individually and the buyer will be notified when their kitten will be ready. Any kitten not claimed/left past the time agreed upon by both parties will be charged $50. per week, or $7. per day if less than one week; all fees must be paid before kitten can be claimed. 
If the kitten's boarding fees accrue and are not paid and exceed the original purchase price then the buyer agrees  to forfeit ownership of this kitten with any monies paid assessed toward boarding and care of kitten.

 If buyer has a change of mind after kitten is paid for and contract signed, buyer can exchange kitten purchased for another kitten if desired and circumstances allow.  No refunds will be given unless buyer is unable to send
suitable kitten.

~ All kittens sold as pet must be altered by 7 months of age. Registration papers will be withheld until proof of altering is received.

~ Purchaser agrees to keep the cat/kitten in a clean and pleasant environment, with proper nutrition, fresh water, and health care.
~ This cat is sold as an indoor cat only, and will never be allowed to roam freely outdoors. An enclosed outdoor pen is acceptable for fresh air and sunshine.

~ This cat will not be sold to another person who will breed the cat, without written permission from the breeder.

~ Under no circumstances will this kitten/cat be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.
~ The Purchaser agrees not to de-claw this kitten/cat. Scratching is a natural part of a catís behavior and this kitten/cat has been trained to scratch on appropriate surfaces. Scratching posts should be provided for the kitten/cat, and generally they will use them.

~ The Purchaser acknowledges this as a lifetime commitment to this kitten/cat, and understands that a well-cared for cat may live for 20 years or more. If Purchaser has questions of needs help of any kind in caring for this cat/kitten, they may contact the Breeder at any time for assistance.


Seven Streams Cymbrogi Health Guarantee and Agreement

~The Breeder guarantees this cat/kitten is free from any severe or life-threatening health problems at the time of sale. A health record will be given to the buyer listing vaccinations given, de-worming, flea/tick preventive and any other health care.

~The Buyer has 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to have the cat/kitten examined by the vet of their choice. It the vet documents a major health problem, stating the kitten was not fit for sale, the buyer may return the cat/kitten for a full refund. Every effort has been made to keep your cat/kitten healthy and free of parasites. Kitten will not be replaced or refunded for minor, common kitten problems. Health Care and prevention of disease is a commitment throughout the life of the cat.

~The cat/kitten is guaranteed for one year from time of purchase to be free from any life-threatening inherited health problems. If this situation should occur, cat/kitten will be replaced (as opportunity arises) after Breeder receives documentation from vet, proving the cat/kitten has died from an inherited defect.

~Papers from the deceased cat/kitten will be returned to the Breeder. Shipping fees will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

~Under no circumstances will the Breeder/Seller be responsible for any vet bills incurred by the Buyer of the cat/kitten.

I accept this contract and altering agreement, and agree to abide by the terms thereof.